Our team

At BRAND performance, there are creative workers, printing and media technologists, business administrators, programmers, production and logistics professionals who come together in project teams to develop, implement and manage successful, efficient solutions for our customers.

Working not just side by side, but together, in dialogue with colleagues from other disciplines and sharing their knowledge: that is the BRAND performance path to even better results.


Christian Stoschek

Theresa Liegl 
Graphic Design | Coordinator

Julian Peißl
Web Developer

Réka Herberth
Graphic Design

Thorsten Schlossarek
Head of Logistics

Jasmin Wolf

Georg Vogel
Logistics & Fulfillment

Maximilian Gschwendtner
Logistics & Fulfillment


nfo@b-peAbout us

>> Compellingly consistent brand communication at all touchpoints

Marketing poses many challenges today, such as:

  • meeting all emerging requirements while your budget remains the same or even falls
  • making sure not to lose customers when touchpoints suddenly pop up
  • always being able to offer the latest trends, such as personalised products

We are convinced that this can only succeed when marketing is actively combined with digital tools and apps.

Successful marketing requires not just a robust, comprehensive yet flexible online content and media management system but also small, agile, perhaps even unorthodox applications that can be realised in a flash – complemented by a reliable service.

That is our speciality – in 2011, we founded BRAND performance as an advertising agency with the goal of providing our customers with an up-to-date brand performance 24/365 whenever and wherever their customers expect it!


Fast action and reactions with consistent brand communication are extremely important for brands in globalised, connected markets. BRAND performance has set itself the task of offering its customers smarter software and media solutions. The latest functions and sustainable, adaptable system components. In addition to this, we help our customers come up with a persuasive brand performance by gearing our service concept to their needs.

We see ourselves both as a specialist agency and as providing services to complement traditional marketing and advertising agencies.


Creating solutions out of the ordinary

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Think ahead
Exceed expectations
Esteem friends and partners

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